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this is pretty amazing– a Photographic World Tour of Desk Jobs. the differences between them [not to mention the salaries] are stunning. that first photo in India just floors me.

wow… my job environment seems absolutely luxurious compared to some of these. sometimes we forget how the rest of the world works. I feel blessed.


Jasmin, a young American woman, is a production editor for a major college publisher in wacky San Francisco, CA. She handles messy manuscripts, creates schedules, monitors design, juggles freelancers, keeps track of photo/text permissions, reviews page proofs, and acts calm in the face of imminent disaster in order to create beautiful educational material. She is currently putting out several major history-related fires so her editorial team and sales staff won’t have a collective heart attack.

monthly salary: barely covers SF rent (enough to feed a family of 20 almost anywhere else in the world).

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